Looking for a Puli Puppy

Important Advice for those about to search for a Puppy

The Puli is a special breed, and we are fortunate to have such a good track record of honest, dedicated breeders of the Puli.  We caution the public, however, when starting the search for a Puli puppy, to consider two important issues:

Am I prepared each day to spend the time a Puli requires of humans?  The Puli needs not just attention, but mutual interaction that provides both physical and intellectual challenge.  If you aren't going to take that time, or you aren't able to deal with the special coat, or your family doesn't appreciate the Puli's tendency to bark, then this breed is not for you.

Puppy mills are becoming a problem for many breeds.  Often they advertise on the web and make it appear you are buying from a small breeder.  They don't tell you about the lack of health checks of the puppies, the conditions the breedstock live in, and typically they don't stand behind each puppy if there are problems.

Always check out any breeder offering puppies for sale.  This can only help ensure your new puppy comes from a careful breeding program where health, structure and temperament are key goals of any mating.  

Here are some questions you should ask of any breeder selling Puli puppies: 

Many of us remember the excitement of anticipating the arrival of our first Puli.  But please don't let that emotion stop you from doing all you can to make sure you've found a reputable breeder.

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