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UCD Sunday
5/9/1988 - 5/8/2001
Owner: Linore Cleveland

My husband and I had had 5 Pembroke Corgis over 25 years.  We usually had 2 or 3 dogs at a time.  When we lost our 4th Corgi, we decided we would like to try a non-shedding breed as our newest dog.  We wanted a working or herding breed - after much study, we decided we wanted a Puli - although I had to agree to keep the coat well trimmed.  After pursuing several leads, we found a breeder with a Fako female who we felt in love with when we visited.  When she was old enough, we brough her home and named her Lani.  She joined our remaining Corgi male.  Shortly after she arrived in our family (two adults, three teenagers, and a Corgi), a friend suggested that I might want to enroll her in a puppy class her Kennel Club was starting.  so Lani and I went off to class.  Lani and I enjoyed the class and the bonding we found in working together, and I was quickly hooked on Obedience.  We continued in classes, finding trainers who specialized in Obedience and Lani finished her Obedience career with a Utility title.

When Lani was about eight months old, our remaining Corgi died suddently at age 9 and we decided to get another Puli.  So Keddi joined our family.  Lani, Keddi, and I all worked together on Obedience exercises - except when my work schedule precluded our practicing.  After she retired, Lani still came to watch when we practiced.

When Lani was 9, our veterinarian detected a heart murmur on an annual exam.  Six months later the heart murmur had intensified and off we went to a canine cardiologist to find our what was wrong.  The news wasn't good -- Lani was experiencing a mitral valve prolapse.  But, with drugs, we were able to keep her with us for an additional three good years.  We had to let her go one day before her 13th birthday - she let us know that it was time.

In 1990 we had moved from the New York City area to Texas.  We worked in the DFW area and purchased property in Kerrville TX area as well and, when we were offered a great retirement package from the company we both worked for, my husband and I took early retirement and began building our current house in Kerrville. During the 9 months we spent working on the house, I was so busy that I didn'thave time to keep the Pulis trimmed and we found ourselves with corded Pulis.  My husband decided it wasn't such a bad look -- Lani looked so beautiful in cords and Keddi's wer also nice so, from that point on, we've had mops with short cords.

In 1996 I had learned about the Puli National Specialty and took both dogs to compete in Obedience at the Specialty.  WE did not qualify but were warmly received by members of the Puli Club of America and I found sponsors and joined the club.  What a wonderful experience it has been to get to know and contribute to PCA -- and it would not have happened if Lani hadn't gotten me into Obedience when she was a pup - and stolen my heart, letting me know that our Puli wasn't a dog, she was a PULI!

We miss you Lani - when I go back and look at the pictures we took of you during your life, the tears still flow.  And, thanks to our marvelous experience with you, we've had three more Pulis to love!


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