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UCDX Sunday's Okos Fiu Kedden CDX NAJ NA
1/10/1989 - 5/20/2006
Owner: Linore Cleveland

Keddi was our second Puli. He came to us as a puppy and joined our Fako bitch who was about 10 months old. Such fun, two Puli puppies together. Keddi was very outgoing and loved everyone. He tolerated other dogs, he loved other Pulis and non-clipped Poodles which it seemed he felt were related in some way.

He and I did Obedience together -- he earned his CD and CDX very quickly. Due to my workload, we weren't able to spend much time on his UD until after I retired in 1995. It finally became apparent to me that we weren't communicating very well -- until I found clicker training which cleared up all the confusion. However, he developed cataracts while we were still in training, he managed one UD leg but was never able to complete the program.

We began some agility when he was almost 9 years old -- had a great time, he earned his first NAJ leg at a Puli-only Agility trial - quite a thrill. He went on to finish his NAJ and his NA. Had there been performance level titles, we might have been able to go on but his cataract development affected his agility as well and we never made time in Open.

When he was 11, I retired him from all competitions. He spent the next 6 years, ensuring that my husband and I felt very loved -- and also helped our other Puli through several years of dealing with a heart problem. We began to do pet therapy when Kedd was about 7. Several of our early visits were to a local State Hospital where he enjoyed being petted by the seniors and playing ball with the young people. We were asked if we'd be willing to come weekly, we said yes and enjoyed two years of therapy -- Keddi was picked as the Volunteer of the Year in 1999 (since dogs weren't eligible for the award, I was selected but he was the true Volunteer, I just brought him to the hospital each week). We were very sad when the State turned the hospital into a forensic unit and our friends moved to other hospitals.

When we lost our first Puli, we added another female puppy to our household and Keddi seemed to come alive -- so much more energy in the house than with two senior Pulis. By the time she had a litter of puppies, he was 16 and wanted to spend most of his time under a chair, out of the way but never out of touch with what was going on in the house. Five Puli puppies was a bit much - but he was always very good with them and the one we kept seemed to give him a bit of new life.

In May of 2006, he let us know that the end was almost near - we miss him still.


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