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CH Vastsjo Jellonz Umbrelladotter RAE CD NAJ
3/27/2001 - 11/5/2007
Owner: Linore Cleveland

Kasa came to us from Sweden at 3 months of age. She was the first Puli her breeder had ever shipped to the US from Sweden. And what a doll! She was just a little black blob in the back of what seemed a big crate (but was probably one of the smallest shipping crates) when we picked her up at the DFW airport. After a minute's hesitation, out she came and she never looked back.

She kept her breeder busy updating her website about her USA export as Kasa finished her conformation Championship, her RE Rally Title, her Obedience CD, her NAJ in agility and her IT in Herding.

Along the way she produced a lovely litter of puppies - five gorgeous little pulis. What fun we all had watching them grow.

And then her son Kerge and I came home from a Rally trial to find her not feeling well. We made an emergency trip to the Veterinarians where they checked her over, gave her some shots, and told us to bring her back first thing in the morning for extensive bloodwork. And then the awful news -- her bloodwork showed she had auto-immune hemolytic anemia.

Nothing the vets tried reversed the process so we let her go -- and big pieces of our hearts went with her! Live free and healthy at the rainbow bridge our beloved girl -- we'll join you one day.


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