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PulaV's Princess Esrelda Egger
4/19/1998 - 5/26/2005
Owner: Jane Slade Exum

I had been without a puli for almost two years when I finally got Mouse. She was the most perfect dog for me. She was so smart, loved doing everything with me. Well, conformation not so much. We got her championship and that was done. Next we went to classes for obedience and she sailed through her CD. She didn't want to retrieve so we moved on to agility. Here's where Mouse decided to shine.

She was the kind of dog who didn't want to make a mistake so her Q rate was incredible. Her speed not so much but she got faster as she gained confidence and soon she was at the top of the puli list for agility.

She was only five when she was diagnosed with lymphoma. Sadly, it was the really aggressive T type. We had a heartbreaking diagnosis of 6 weeks without chemo or maybe 6 months with. We went for the chemo and except for one type of drug, she sailed through this too.

When you know you have a finite amount of time, you say to yourself I must cherish every day, every minute. And this I tried to do. I made sure she and I spent quality time together. I tried to film her whenever I could. I tried not to be manic about it but it didn't work. The key sign of lymphoma is the lymph nodes and the way we knew we were losing the battle was that her nodes under her neck would swell. So we switched protocols, we fought she and I for 14 months and they were good months. She was a bit tired but that was about the only effects of the chemo she had.

But one weekend she had trouble breathing and I knew we were close to the end. I let her go a couple of days later. I thought that since I'd known it was coming, I'd be more prepared. I was so wrong. I cried as if the world was ending and for me, part of it was. My other dogs were trying to comfort me and then I noticed that everytime I'd walk in a room, I'd see a shadow go around the corner. Everytime I walked by the computer, her picture would be on the screen. I believe she was telling me that she was still here and was helping me get through losing her. I miss her today. She was so much a part of me, a part that can't be filled or replaced. She was the best companion, the best house guard and my dearest friend.


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