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1/18/2003 - 6/1/2007
Owner: Jane Slade Exum

Fruby was the puli that never wanted to be out of my lap unless she was in someone else's lap.  You had to be on guard if you were sitting down because she was sure that everyone wanted a lap visit from her.  She was very friendly, liked children, loved other dogs and thought the most fun she could have was running with a bunch of friend's dogs through their pastures.  The joy on her face was indescribable.

She wasn't too sure about the conformation ring but managed a championship anyway and then she found rally which she loved but her absolute favorite was agility.  She was the first champion MACH and the youngest puli to get a MACH.  She had gorgeous cords, a really beautiful full coat that never seemed to interfere with her jumping.  She was an amazingly balanced dog and she was my baby.  She and I were rarely apart if we were in the same room.

She loved to be close to me and I loved having her there.  She had more people and dog friends than any creature I've ever known.  We flew to the AKC Invitational in Long Beach and shared a room with two pharoah hounds that Piri had never met - not a problem.

She was the highest scoring puli for 2007 at the Invitational and then we came home and after listening to so many friends say that they would love a puppy from her, I decided to breed her.

And that's when I lost her.  It was a weird once in a million thing that happened and that morning she didn't want to eat, I noticed she seemed off so we rushed to the vet but there was no way to save her.

Just that quickly, my best  and sweetest angel was gone.  I'd thought nothing could hurt like losing my other dog to cancer.  I was so wrong.  For weeks and let's face it, to this day I can barely talk about her.  My grief at losing her was so overwhelming I wondered how I would ever find a way to fill that empty hole in my heart.  There's an old saying that when your heart gets broken, it's just so more love can get in.  I think that's true.  She's never far from my thoughts and will never leave my heart.


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