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Pawsha T R
4/28/1981 - 7/22/1998
Owner: Kenneth E. Roush & Judith K. Roush

It was April 28, 1981.  At approximately 5:45 pm, my husband and I were on our way home from work when we stopped at a pet store to purchase a treat for our Bearded Collie.  As we shopped, we noticed a rack containing books about various breeds.  There were no Beardie books, but the owner suggested we purchase a book about Hungarian Pulik because, in his opinion, the breeds were very much alike.  The book came home with us and we recorded the date, April 28th, on the title page.

The second week of June, an advertisement for Puli puppies appeared in the Arizona Republic. We contacted the California breeder and discovered that Pawsha had been born on April 28, 1981 at approximately 5:45 p.m. !  We adopted her on the 4th of July, 1981, and on August 5th, my husband's birthday, her AKC Registration Certificate arrived in the mail.  Were these significant occurrences on significant dates mere coincidence?  Absolutely not!  Pawsha was a special gift and meant to join our family!

Pawsha was a bundle of energy; 'Blue Ball' was her constant companion.  In California, she explored everything.  One of her escapades included a rendezvous with a can of oil in the breeder's garage so when she arrived at her new home in Show Low, AZ, half of her coat had been shaved to eliminate the gooey substance.  On another occasion, we arrived home from church to find Pawsha and our Beardie caked in white flour.  How could these two partners in crime navigate the hutch to dislodge a five-pound bag of flour from its shelf?

Pawsha was six months old when our Beardie passed into eternal life.  Pawsha was devastated. The following day she accompanied us on the mournful drive to Phoenix where her sister was laid to rest.

In life we were inseparable.  She traveled the state with us not only for work but for recreation.  We picnicked; we hiked; we chopped aspen in the forest; and at every destination she was the center of attention.

As she matured she became increasingly photogenic.  At the age of three her photo appeared on the front page of the White Mountain Independent, our local mountain newspaper, and over the years her picture was published four times in the American Kennel Club Gazette.

The day before Easter, Holy Saturday, 1998, Pawsha fell ill and was subsequently diagnosed with a brain tumor.  On July 22nd our precious 'Mop Top' succumbed and was buried near her Beardie 'sister' in Phoenix.

Prior to his death, my husband was an Episcopal priest.  As religious people it was our belief that according to God's promise, He would grant His children the desires of their hearts.  Our desire was, and is, that our Beardie; our Puli, Seraphim; and our Puli, Pawsha, will shepherd us into, and through, eternity just as they herded us through life.

Memory Eternal!


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