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Bolenka Seraphim
4/9/1999 - 6/9/2012
Owner: Judith K. Roush & Kenneth E. Roush

It was the day before Easter, Holy Saturday, 1998.  Our first Puli, Pawsha, fell ill with a brain tumor and we began the process of anticipatory grief.

Fast forward: Holy Week, 1999.  We still mourned Pawsha; yet, the hole in our hearts left room to love and share with another Puli.  The search began.

Our quest for a white Puli was fruitless until we connected with an officer of the Puli Club of America.  She suggested we contact Betty O'Donnell in Maine.  It was possible she might be expecting a litter of white puppies.  Our hearts leaped with joy and expectation but we were soon disappointed to learn that all puppies were potentially spoken for; however, we should call back the next day.  The next day was Good Friday, April 9th, 1999, and we again contacted Betty but the conversation must be postponed one more day.  'Flora' was giving birth!

On Holy Saturday, the day before Easter, Betty called.  Seraphim was born and we could begin preparations to welcome her into our family!  Jubilation! And, Holy Saturday, the day exactly one year earlier that signaled Pawsha's entry into life eternal, now, exactly one year later, heralded our newest family member!  This was truly a sign.  Sera was destined to become our second Puli!

I met Betty and Sera at Logan Airport in Boston.  Sera and I bonded instantly!

We returned to Arizona and that evening Sera chose her spot at the base of the sofa beside my feet.  This was her 'spot' until the end thirteen years later.

Sera was endearing, sweet, cuddly, and affectionate.  Intelligent and quick to learn, she observed and wanted to imitate all we did.  When mommy and daddy brushed their teeth, Sera wanted her teeth cleaned, too.  This twice-daily ritual meant Sera had 'textbook perfect' teeth that never required professional cleaning.

She loved to pose and her picture appeared four times in the Puli News.

Sera epitomized strength in crises.  She weathered my husband's heart attack and his struggle with cancer.  Following his death, she was my lifeline.  When teardrops flowed, she kissed away the tears.  She knew it was now the two of us against the world.

In 2010, she was diagnosed with a tumor on the parathyroid gland.  Surgery was performed in Tucson but our separation was unbearable to Sera and she was discharged prematurely because without mommy she refused to eat or take her meds.  Our quality of life returned to normal but in spring 2011 she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  One year later, despite valiant efforts by specialists, her now fragile body was overwhelmed.  She died June 9th, 2012.

Now it's only me against the world.  My tears still flow; yet, I know a place is being prepared for me.  I know 'Miss Phim' and her sisters will one day herd me into perpetual life and our family will be whole again.

Memory eternal!



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