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Mi-Tonka's Buda Kutya
1/11/1996 - 10/3/2011
Owner: Alyson Conover, Mara Prentiss, Elizabeth Conover-Prentiss

Buda was a special lady.  An extremely happy dog with a wonderful smile, she was devoted, loving, and a true caretaker of her turf and her herd - us.  As a puppy, our neighbors named her 'the boss of the court' because she watched over the entire street.  Other dogs stopped barking when she was around because they accepted that she was in charge of monitoring the situation.

When she was a very young dog, we had her out in the dog park when a family entered with a baby.  The parent's were trying to encourage the baby to walk.  The baby reached toward Buda, took a tentative step, and tumbled forward, landing on top of Buda who stood absolutely still - accepting the assignment to catch the child's fall.

On family hikes she would tirelessly trot out ahead to be 'in the lead, in charge, and on patrol', but go only so far before pausing, turning back to check on her herd, and returning to get everyone back in line if anyone had strayed off or behind.  On one memorable hike, our local guides became disoriented, so Buda took over to lead us all out of the woods.

As a youngster; that is, until she was about 12 and started to slow down just a tiny bit, she was energetic, playful, and possessed a vertical jump from which she could grab a Frisbee in mid-air from a height of six feet or more.  She jumped not only up but down.  Once, when visiting friends with a open second floor loft, Buda ventured to their second floor.  When called to come down, she was so eager to please that she jumped through the railing directly to the first floor.  We all stared in shock and fear for her well-being, but she trotted right to us with her signature smile.

Buda was a family girl and would always stay close to us. Any picnic table or campsite we occupied for more than ten minutes became her space to protect and defend.  Even late into her life, anytime we went for an ocean swim, she would follow us into the surf rather than sit behind on the beach.  As much as she loved her people, she also loved cats and tended to them as members of her herd.  While tolerant of other dogs, she really saw herself as more of a people person.  During a brief vacation stay at a doggie hotel, she jumped the office gate to relocate from the dog space to the people space, where she knew she belonged.

Her passon for play and family was accompanied by an equal passion for food.  Even a fresh batch of frosted Christmas cookies wasn't safe on top of the breakfast bar!  Enterprising to the last, even in her final months she found her way to the oven warming drawer to nose it open and escape with a slice of pepperoni pizza.

Not a single day geos by that she is not loved and  missed, but we are blessed to have her spirit in our hearts.

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