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Accordingly Wallbanger Buddy
2/15/2001 - 1/19/2013
Owner: Lauren Richmond & Bruce Deely

Buddy spent his first nine months between Pennsylvania and Massachusetts while his potential as a future show dog was being assessed. As a puppy he was sheer perfection in every way including a spectacularly affectionate personality and an infectious 'joie de vivre'. His only flaw, when his second teeth came in, was a slightly undershot bite. When it became apparent that he wasn't destined for the show ring we expressed an interest. Although it was love at first sight we had two older dogs at the time and didn't know how we would manage all three. We wanted what was best for Buddy. At 7 months old he was driven out to Michigan for placement in a home with an older Puli......the pairing didn't work and he returned to Massachusetts. We helped arrange a placement for him in Florida but minutes before he was to leave for his new home we went to see him ONE LAST TIME.....and took our two older dogs with us. The sniffing and tail wagging went so well that Buddy came home with us instead and the rest, as they say, is history.

Buddy became a Canine Good Citizen, therapy dog and winner of the coveted Camp Gone to the Dogs Hot Dog Retrieve award. A herder by instinct he had a few opportunities to acquaint himself with sheep and took to rounding them up with ease and precision.

When Polly, Buddy's niece, joined our family, Buddy finally had the playmate he needed and the two became an inseparable duo turning heads and making friends wherever they went.

Buddy was Bruce's pal extraordinaire and they enjoyed their own special time walking secluded trails and driving on back roads around Cape Cod. Annually in October we would spend a week at a farm in Maine and Buddy relished every minute of running carefree in enormous fields, chasing geese out of the orchard, sailing on a schooner and sniffing all the new and exotic scents along the way.

After a diagnosis of lymphoma in December, 2012 we began chemotherapy based on our veterinarian's assessment that Buddy was otherwise healthy and we thought we had caught the cancer early on. Although we were very optimistic and Buddy tolerated the treatments well, there were no guarantees and, sadly, we lost our beloved boy to secondary complications on January 19, 2013.

Never was a Puli more aptly named. He was a true BUDDY. We will cherish all our happy memories and miss our sweet boy forever and a day. All the usual adjectives apply in capital letters........he was LOYAL, DEVOTED, COURAGEOUS, ENDEARING, AFFECTIONATE, PLAYFUL, ATHLETIC, INQUISITIVE, STRONG, INTELLIGENT AND BREATHTAKINGLY HANDSOME. He brought us great joy with his Puli antics and silliness, his intelligence, competence, fearlessness and his ability to love us always unconditionally. As a therapy dog with the Companion Animal Program on Cape Cod, Buddy brightened the days of patients at several nursing homes and brought a smile to all those he visited. He enjoyed time at Camp Gone to the Dogs for many summers and got to hone his skills at agility, rally obedience, freestyle dancing and sheep herding. Whatever Buddy did, he did with enormous enthusiasm and a big Puli smile. We are forever indebted to Carolyn Nusbickel who deemed our household worthy of such a treasure. Buddy was a blessing in our lives and we only wish we could have had many more years.

In our hearts forever.........Lauren, Bruce and Polly


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