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7/27/1993 - 1/31/2008
Owner: Cathy Pronzini and Jim Moen

There is not a day that goes by that I don't still miss Csoda. She was my 'heart' dog. She went everywhere with me. She went to work and stayed in my cubicle, followed me in the halls, went to all the meetings. Everyone really enjoyed her being there.

I ran into someone from my work recently who I hadn't seen for years and he fondly remembered Csoda and reminded me that she loved to go into the cubicles of a few people that were afraid of dogs and lie down. She eventually won them over and one person who had been really afraid of dogs ended up being 'proud' that she liked him and wanted to sleep under his desk.

She did therapy work at the Senior Center, doing all the tricks that she knew to entertain. She moved from senior to senior to be petted. She even scooted between the wheelchairs so that everyone had a chance to touch her.Csoda was so well behaved; we took her into restaurants and bars where she would quietly lay under the table. Once when we grabbed her leash to leave, we came away with a 6' piece of leather. She had amused herself with a little chewing.

Csoda was the best Agility dog, a natural jumper, rarely taking down a bar. She had a stellar agility career that spanned a decade. Csoda lost her hearing when she was about 10 years old, but that didn't stop her from successfully competing in agility until she was 13½, as long as she could see me she had no trouble navigating a Master's course. I will always remember her joy in jumping, the smile on her face as she sailed over the bars, cords flying, her dirty looks when I'd made a handling error, and the glint in her eye right before she ran 'zoomies'.

She had an incredible sense of humor and loved to 'get my goat'. One example was how she would SLOWLY weave through the poles (in competition) because she knew that it drove me crazy and then do them really fast in practice or after we had NQ'd. Csoda loved to pull the hair band from my pony tail and whenever I got low enough for her to reach it, she would pull it out. It didn't matter to her why I was close to the ground. I tripped once when we were hiking; she was there to take the band. I tripped once in obedience class and people in class thought that she was nuzzling me because I had fallen; oh no -- she was there to take the band. When she got the band she would prance around happily with it in her mouth.

Csoda got her obedience CD for me, even though she hated it. She completed it in three straight shows then would never do it again. She did like to go to obedience fun matches, where she could do obedience AND get food in the ring.

Csoda loved to go tracking and she was very good at it. She was nearly ready to trial when she got sick. My tracking instructor still has one of Csoda's yellow hair bands and talks about her fondly. I am so proud of Csoda's accomplishments. She had a tail wag for everyone she knew and she remembered everyone that she had ever met. Everyone who knew Csoda loved her. She was a funny girl. I called Csoda 'My Puli Princess'. She called me her 'personal attendant'.


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