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2/19/2002 - 9/26/2015
Owner: Gwenn Abrams

How do you describe the perfect dog? Or at least the perfect dog for you.......that was Tora! Everything I had ever dreamed of but more. Remember that line that goes, “you may not get what you want, but you'll get what you need”. I got so much more than I ever thought possible all those years ago, when I was just 5 years old and longing, wishing, and begging my mother for a dog. Well, of course my first word as a baby was “dog”, so of course I wanted a dog. Fast forward 40+ years from that day and here comes Tora at 9 ½ weeks from Texas and Susan and Randy McDaniel. She was my first dog and she was as perfect as are Susan and Randy were. Susan helped me through all the cording issues and so, so, so much more. There are not words to thank her, for her help, advise (dog and otherwise), and friendship. To my way of thinking she is a gem that always has me laughing.

Tora was not a show dog, but a super star all the same. I could not walk 2 feet without people asking me about her. She found it very annoying and only wanted to be in my arms for the first couple of months. After that she loved it. By that time her brother and liter mate, Mason, had come to live with us, and they together loved all the attention.

Tora was so easy to train, it was always just a matter of hours before she had it. She did outstanding in agility, but once she saw that her brother was not as good, or fast as she was, she started holding back so they could do everything together. They had SO MUCH FUN together! They NEVER wanted to be separated and even went to the Vet together as support for the other.

Somehow, I forgot that dogs don't live forever, only in our hearts do they. Since Tora was a baby I had whispered in her ear that she would live to be at least 20 years old and I had come to believe it. So, when she was diagnosed with Lymphoma (unexpected after being healthy as a horse her whole life) at age 12 ¾ I was in shock. She fought hard and did 10 more months with me before leaving us in the early morning hours at the foot of my bed.

So loving, so kind, so smart, so funny, so my “little girl.” I miss you to the moon and back little girl. You were the best dog ever and ever!


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