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Prydain The Kodiak Trader
7/29/2003 - 5/24/2017
Owner: Frank & Sandra Turek

Kodi was a sweet, gentle boy. He came to us from his breeder with yellow yarn around his neck for identification in his litter. We called him 'Mellow Yellow' because of this and it suited him.

Later, when we introduced him to his little sister, McKinley, he was very tolerant of the puppy and they became best friends. Unfortunately his little sister died young and we were worried that Kodi would have a hard time without her. After two weeks he became a new dog, one who enjoyed being king of the house. He had adapted.

When we moved from a hot climate to one with seasons and snow, we worried how he would react to snow. We did not have to worry, he loved the snow and he would roll and play in it. When he became ill, he never complained. He was his usual gentle self. He fought bravely and defied all odds, living for another 18 months after his diagnosis.

We were very blessed to have Kodi in our lives for 14 years. We have wonderful and funny memories of our sweet boy. We miss him terribly and his presence is still with us.

Frank & Sandra Turek


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