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Szegedi Mester Naomi
1/12/2005 - 4/20/2019
Owner: John Trollmann & Marilyn Gordon

We met our little puli girl, Maggie, on a beautiful spring day, full of energy and a vigorous spirit.  She grew into a confident and sweet grand lady of 14 years loved by many.  She was our 'little girl' always. We wish we had a nickel every time a wide-eyed child would ask, 'may I pet your dog?' or 'where are her eyes?'

Maggie taught us many things. She taught us what was important in life.  She taught us that passion and determination were excellent qualities to have when running, training, eating and sleeping.  She taught us that the joy of eating well was the main tenet to a life well lived.  She taught us that kindness toward children and curious strangers made the world a much better place.  She taught us that play was a vital aspect of everyday life.  And she taught us to laugh whenever she stole the potholder from the kitchen, holding it hostage in exchange for her favorite treat.  Fooled us again, little girl.

In her last year, her health began to diminish.  We learned that cancer had spread throughout her abdomen and she was in rapidly declining health.  Our vet gave her only 'weeks' to live.  And that is what she did.  She lived. Joie de Vivre.  She was a puli to the very end, loyal and passionate and true, continually watching over us with loving grace.


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