Poopi & Her Kids Need a New Home

Here are three Pulis — Mom and her two kids — who are in great need for a new home.  Their owner passed away and asked, in his Directive, to keep the Pulis together.  But with him gone, their future is uncertain.  We hope someone can step forward and bring home these special dogs.  (Note: in the 2nd photo, you can see their hair has been trimmed shorter than in the top photo.)

Mom’s name is Poopie (also known as Poopi and as the Mama).  She is 10 years old.  Her kids are littermates, Marco and Felicity, and are 8 years old.  They have always lived together.  They love human attention and are very loyal to their humans.   We have access to their Vet and recent medical records.  Please contact Barbe Pessina of Puli Rescue at moonshadow-at-aol.com (change middle to @).