The purpose of the PCA Rescue Trust is:

  • To provide for rescue of Pulik in all areas of the country when necessary.
  • To publish articles and information on Puli rescue.
  • To develop a useful Puli Rescue website that will be updated with current information on a regular basis.
  • To promote the recruitment of Puli Rescue volunteers.
  • To promote responsibility for the pet population by PCA breeder members.
  • To assist the Puli Club of America, Inc. in its goals and objectives toward public relations.
  • To be active and informed on auction and puppy mill activity in the Puli breed.
  • To monitor and be aware of activity on questionable puppy mill websites offering Pulik for sale.
  • To interface with foreign Kennel Clubs and breeders to preserve and protect the breed’s general health and well-being the world over.

The PCA Rescue Trust will work to ensure the safety and well-being of any Puli in need.  Whether a “rescue” from shelters and other endangered situations, or a “placement” from a home relinquishing their Puli, the Rescue Trust will work to provide assistance as needed on an immediate basis.

The Puli Rescue Trust will provide emergency, regular, or long-term assistance for both the Puli and the adoptive home, evaluate, restore and rehabilitate the physical and behavioral health of the Puli, provide transportation, foster, and properly place the Puli in an appropriate, loving home that will ensure the best possible future for all.