7 March 2006

Dear Friends of the Puli,

The Puli Club of America, member of the American Kennel Club, is responsible for the protection and promotion of the Puli in the United States. It has come to our attention that Pulik imported into the United States have been appearing in environments their breeders may never have intended for them. We appeal to all aficionados of this remarkable breed to stand together and condemn the practice of selling Pulik to unknown persons, large scale breeding facilities (also known as “puppy mills,”) and/or import operations. To that end, the Puli Club of America:

  • Urges that you know to whom you are selling a dog! It is a sad but true reality that wholesale buyers may misrepresent themselves in order to buy your dog. We have seen first hand that the dog you raised with care may have ended up as a “puppy factory:” Unloved, living the whole of its life in a cage, and given only as much care as was needed to ensure reproduction;
  • Enlist the help of local Puli people; Ask specific questions of the people who are interested in your puppy; Check to be sure the interested party is not fronting for a US broker or agent. Keep records and follow up after the puppy has left your premises. Trust but verify.
  • Endorse our effort to remind individuals who own, breed, exhibit and/or love this breed that we have been entrusted with a centuries old legacy; it is incumbent upon us, both foreign and domestic, to be “keepers of the flame” and see to it that the breed is protected against those who see them solely a source of income. The Puli Club of America asks that you stand with us in spreading the word that world-wide, the Puli is at risk by those who would seek only to profit by them.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and welcome your participation in our efforts. We believe we are on the front lines of a war to stop the Puli from becoming just another statistic in an auction or puppy mill. If we ALL join together we have a chance to be successful in this fight.


Carolyn Nusbickel, President, Puli Club of America