Helping Puli Rescue – Where to Start

Puli owners have read about puppy mills and Pulis being offered for auction.  Some have asked, What can I do to help?  The following suggestions were written by PCA member Barbe Pessina, former President of PCA and active Rescue volunteer:

  • Volunteer to foster a rescue dog until a permanent placement can be found.  It is important to remember that many times these rescue dogs are “special needs animals” and because of their unique situation will require attention, patience, and most importantly – love.
  • Awareness is a good beginning. Encourage others to spread the word about indiscriminate breeding, auctions and puppy mills and that this stuff isn’t only happening to other, more common breeds. If YOU didn’t know about dog auctions, how many others don’t, either?  Encourage vigilance about what’s happening in your own community. Scanning classified ads for Pulik for sale or stud, keeping an eye open at pet stores and heightened sensitivity to when someone we know wants to breed a Puli for all the wrong reasons;
  • Cash donations to PCA Rescue Trust.  If our coffers are bulging at the seams, we can afford more advertising, and, in the right situation, save more dogs.
  • Donate a creative craft/design item to be used as a raffle item to help raise money for Puli Rescue.  Volunteer to run a raffle or auction in conjunction with the Puli National Specialty.
  • Now that we have a separate Rescue organization, we need volunteers to help.